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When: Saturday, May 4th
Where: On Moving Dance Company
Time: 8:00 am

Cost: $15 per ticket

Recital ticket sales

You must have a ZERO BALANCE to pick-up or purchase tickets!

Each registered family can purchase 10 tickets total, split between shows.  Additional tickets availble at 3:00pm until we sell out.

Only the account holder (with ID) is allowed to select and pick-up tickets.  All members of the public will be turned away. 

Everyone, excluding infants, must have a ticket to enter.

You can only use ONE ticket per show.  If your dancer or dancers are in more than one show you have to purchase additional tickets.


Ticket Pick-Up Procedure

  1. Please arrive early; a line usually starts forming about 1 hour prior. You will list your name and cell phone with a staff member (in order of arrival) and wait in your car.  We will call you when the person in front of you has finished.  

  2. The account holder must be present with license or state ID.

  3. The account holder will be allowed to pick up their 8 recital tickets per show.   You cannot use the same ticket for each show.

  4. Ad court members will be able to select their tickets, in order of amount sold, prior to ticket sales.

  5. Additional tickets can be purchased at 3:00pm for account holders only on May 4th or in the office until May 16th until we sell out. We will not sell tickets to non-account holders.

  6.  Handicap seating is available on end seats in each row.  A ticket will need to be purchased to attend the recital. 


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