"My 2 year old went last week to try it out and see if it's something she would enjoy. I thought she was going to freak out being away from me but the teachers were so nice and comforting. One of the teachers reached for Sophie out of my arms, she went straight to her and during class I saw my daughter give the teacher a hug. You can tell she was absolutely comfortable around the girls and they were amazing with her. A couple days later we went back or my Neice to try a hip hop class out and the teacher recognized my daughter told her hello and Sophie was ready to go dance again! The nights of her dance class She twirls around my kitchen and dances every time music comes on. Haha. So far we love this studio and Tuesday I will be paying registration to get her started. :) 
Highly recommended this studio!!!!" - Megan C.


"Believe me when I say that not all dance teachers and studios are the same. The dedication Ashli & Kaleigh give to all the girls is heartwarming and I've been going to dance compeitions for 10 years so I know what goes on at other studios." - Gwen W.


"Fantastic leadership/technique/mentors!!! Family atmosphere-positive environment. Love it!"               

-Amanda G.

"Best dance studio! Staff is great and my little one loves dancing here!!" - Leslie T.


On Moving Dance Company                                                                                       


10271 Florida Blvd.                                                     onmovingdancecompany@gmail.com

Walker, LA 70785