The role of the room mom is to monitor and line-up their dancers class for the recital and remain in the dressing room from start to finish.  You are allowed to sit in the audience for your dancer's performance in the designated room mom area and then will take your class back to the dressing room.


You can only signup for one class.  

*Females are allowed to go back and change their dancer at intermission if they have purchased a recital t-shirt ONLY!   No one can enter the dressing room without at t-shirt until after the performance. 

For the safety of our dancers, faculty, & staff no one is admitted into the dressing room area without a 2020 recital t-shirt on! This does not automatically mean that you are a "dressing room mom". To be a dressing room mom you have to sign up online. If you have a recital t-shirt but are not a dressing room mom, you are able to go back and forth to the dressing room to change your dancer. You are not able to sit in the dressing room with just your dancer for the duration of the show. Space is limited and we cannot have extra bodies in the dressing room. There are still open spots for dressing room moms, please follow the link provided below to see if there is space to be a dressing room mom for your dancer's class.

As a reminder ALL LEVEL 1 & MINI MOVERS must have a volunteer in the dressing room. You do not need to sign-up.

Please no coloring markers, tablets, iPhones, iPads, etc. in the dressing room. (Nothing that can take pictures)
Crayons, colored pencils, coloring books, nintendo DS, color wonder markers, reading books, puzzles, games, etc are acceptable.


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