Kaleigh Brandt & Ashli Tallo

Owners/Artistic Directors

Ashli Tallo is the co-owner of On Moving Dance Company. Ashli received a major in Kinesiology and minor in dance from Southeastern Louisiana University. She found her love for dance at a late age. Ashli began training in gymnastics at the age of 2, where she competed competitively for 12 years. Further in her gymnastics career she was required to take a ballet class. This is where she fell in love with the art and began intensely training in 2003. Not long after, she was asked to audition for a company member position of the Hammond Ballet Company and perform in “The Nutcracker”. While performing with the Hammond Ballet she held many solo roles such as Candy Cane, Soldier Doll, Arabian Soloist, and Chinese Soloist. Ashli is the co-founder of be.aworkshopseries an in-house dance workshop that provides dancers the opportunity to have convention classes in a familiar environment. Other accomplishments include the Overall Break the Ice recipient at Fire and Ice International Talent Competition, New Talent Generation Performer of the Weekend, and the title of Miss Dance KAR in 2009. Ashli was accepted into the prestigious Jacob’s Pillow under the direction of Milton Myers. Ms. Tallo also received a yearlong scholarship to study at Broadway Dance Center in New York City and to attend the American Dance Festival in North Carolina. Ashli has received many choreographic excellence awards and recognition through the American College Dance Festival and Moxie Dance Project under the direction of Dana Brewer-Plazinic as well as through regional, national, and international talent competitions. Her choreographic work  “Leaves a Space” was recognized by the American College Dance Festival in 2011 and was chosen to perform in the festival’s closing gala, that same year “Fetching” a piece Ashli performed in was also chosen to be presented at the closing gala. She has also had the privilege of choreographing alongside Allison Ohr of Forklift Dancworks based in Austin, TX.  Ms. Tallo is currently a member of the modern dance company Izzy Moving Dance Theater based out of Covington, Louisiana. Ashli has been choreographing and teaching Master Classes in the South since 2006, where she inspires, motivates, and encourages young dancers to push beyond the mold the dance world has created and helps them start to make a name of their own. Ashli’s unique choreographic style and energy in the classroom makes her an asset to all in the dance community.   

Kaleigh Brandt is co-owner of On Moving Dance Company.  She received her degree in dance and business management from Southeastern Louisiana University.  Kaleigh was a member of Moxie Dance Project and Izzy Moving Dance Theatre for 5 years where she has received great praise for her innovative and unique dance style at the American College Dance Festival.  She has been awarded a choreographic excellence award from Dana Brewer-Plazinic from 2008-2012.  Kaleigh has trained with many master teachers and choreographers from across the United States, which include Chris Elam of Misnomer Dance Theatre, Christine Suarez from Suarez Dance Theater both located in New York, and Andy Noble of NobleMotion.  In 2012 she worked alongside Allison Orr of Forklift Dance Works, based  out of Austin, Texas, as a guest choreographer/performer.  She choreographed multiple pieces that were performed in outdoors and downtown locations. Kaleigh has also performed locally with Cangelosi Dance Project and Of Moving Colors based out of Baton Rouge, LA  and was a member and rehearsal director for Hammond Ballet Theatre.Through ACDFA she has been able to train with master teachers including Jeffery N. Bullock MFA Dance Director at Hollins University, Gerri Houlihan ACDFA Co-Director, and Andy Noble of NobleMotion, just to name a few.  Kaleigh has received numerous choreography, high point, and judges awards throughout the years but knows it is only through the dancers growth each year that truly represents her work. Kaleigh believes in building a strong love for the art of dance at a young age and she continues to share her love for the art of dance with each dancer she comes in contact with.  

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